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 Dear friends,
When I was a little girl I had dreams of one day being on the radio. I would make believe and pretend for hours. A couple of years ago, with some help from a dear friend we started the Bev DeShow. Now I am on the air doing what I love and I plan on making it the best that I can . Here is the link if you would like to give it a listen :)

My other dream was to write stories and poetry. I am now a writer and self published author and the books are available here on the site. Writing is another passion of mine that I take to heart . So be sure to check them out, I think you will enjoy them.

We have just published Fix it Rod you can purchase the books through Etsy by following this link: Fix It Rod

Visit our BevDeShow Etsy shop for other items.

Dreaming is one thing, taking action on those dreams is another, that is how you make a dream come true, and I am living a dream.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

~Bev D 

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